Clachan Co-housing


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Christine:A social worker who is fed up with the lack of decent, affordable houses on the market. She is keen to live in community with others who want to promote equality among members and support one another to reduce damage to the environment. These values reflect how Christine wants to live her life as a person of faith.

Grace: A retired journalist and teacher of English to speakers of other languages, Grace believes living together in a supportive way which respects everyoneís privacy, is the way life should be. She believes in inter-genrational community.

Frank: Active in the Community for many years he has done paid and voluntary work with charities, co-ops, credit unions, community businesses and churches across the West of Scotland. He realised that the individualistic lifestyle of the last 40 years has created social and economic division in society.

Irene: Now retired from a varied career in public service and the voluntary sector, Irene is involved in Clachan Co-housing because she believes that co-housing, designed on eco friendly principles, offers a positive and innovative alternative to traditional forms of housing. Itís more than just the housing that inspires her to join Clachan, itís the possibility of living and sharing in a like minded multi-generational community.

Jo, Jamie, baby Holly and cat: Jo works for a local environmental charity and has a background in waste management and resource efficiency. She sees co-housing as being part of the solution to multiple big issues we face as a society including loneliness and climate change. Jamie has worked in energy policy in various third sector organisations and is excited to be involved in creating a secure, affordable place to live as part of a low impact community.

Maria: community development worker, permaculturist and psychologist who believes that it is really important people care and supports each other. Maria believes in alternative ways of living and the impact that co-housing has on wellbeing, environment and the community.

Tom:Has had an interest in ecological building design for several years. Whilst stand-alone designs can be effective, housing that is designed around shared resources are likely to provide even better solutions. Building resilience for the future is, he believes, partly about trusting one another and living co-operatively.